Clearer and Brighter Skin with Grape Face Mask

When we think of unconventional food items to use for skin care or hair care, a grape is not one of them. Grape is generally used by people to eat with desserts or used to make wine. However, now you can use grape in your face masks and for your hair. It holds such nutritional value that not only benefits you internally but also externally. They brighten your complexion, give you clearer and brighter skin in no time. It’s one of those ingredients that we take for granted without knowing the actual goodness it holds. In this article, the feature ingredient will be grapes and how we can make a face mask from them. The best part about this is that this mask will contain no toxins or chemicals that can harm your skin in any way. This is because it’s made from all organic and natural ingredients that only nourish your skin.

To make the mask you’ll need:

  • Grapes
  • Rose Water
  • Fuller’s Earth
  • Lemon Juice

Grapes contain tons of vitamin C which help keep your face bright and glowing. They contains this vitamin which makes your complexion full of life and gives your face a glow to it. Grapes also contain anti oxidants which help in premature aging and its signs. The vitamin C helps the skin retain it’s elasticity and prevents signs of aging. They are aslo said to conatin anti-inlammatory and anti-bactrial properties that will get rid of acne and it’s occurance and apperance. The rose water soothes your skin while also nourishing and hydrating it. The fuller’s eart absords all the oil and excess sebum from your skin giving you clearer and brighter skin. The lemon juice acts as a natural bleach removing all dark spots and hyperpigemntation.

To make the mask:

All you need to do is blend the grapes to make a paste. Then add all the remaining ingredients one by one until it turns into a paste. Then apply this onto your face for 10-15 minutes. When dry wash it off with cool water. It will give you clearer and brighter skin.

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