Causes of Pimples and its Remedy

Pimples are one of the most annoying issues that often arrive at your face where you  cannot do anything to hide it or get rid of it, especially when you have something really special coming up. Due to this reason, everyone really hates pimples and its uninformed arrival. But we often don’t realize the reason of their appearance on our face and consider it as something happening all of a sudden. That’s not the case actually, because most of the time pimples arrive due to some we do. Most of the causes of pimples are not at all hidden and quite obvious. But, still there are a lot of people out there who don’t know the basic reasons of the arrival of pimples; well we’re here for them. Here we will discuss some of the reason that causes pimples.

Causes of Pimples:

  • Blocked pores: Most of the time our skin pores get blocked due to oil, dead skin or bacteria. In such cases, acne appears. This situation appears due to pollutions effects on our skin, after which pimples appear if proper hygienic care isn’t provided to their skin.
  • Processed Foods: Most of the teenagers are a fan of eating sugary or processed foods which leads to the appearance of pimples on their skin. This is due to the excessive fried and sugary or oily food intake that makes pimples pop up.
  • Stress: Did you know that taking too much stress doesn’t only lead to serious health issues but pimples are also often caused due to it? Well, stress of course doesn’t alone causes pimples, it effects along with other reasons like hormones, bacteria, etc. But it does cause breakouts that lead to pimples.


These are the main causes of pimples due to which they appear on our skins. If we can avoid these main causes a little more than the usual in our daily lives, then we’d have less chances of having pimples pop up on our skin. You know what that means right? CLEAR SKIN, YAY!