Best Hair Growth Remedy

Hair loss and bald spots are pretty much one of the worst situations anyone can fall into. Not just worse, but common too. Today, a lot of people are going through hair loss or bald spots issues, due to different reasons. Call it stress, Hormonal change or excessive use of chemicals on the head. Anything can lead to hair loss and if this keeps on going, you may lose a lot of your hair, which is like a nightmare for sure. But here’s a call for save for you, and that’s this onion juice remedy to get your hair growing and natural just like they used to be. This Hair Growth Remedy is one of the most effective one’s. Most people using onion juice to grow their hair. It’s a must try for all who is suffering from hair loss issues.

How to make Hair Growth Remedy:

  • Peel four onions and then chop them into little pieces.
  • After that, Extract the juice out of the onions by squeezing them. You can also use a juicer to get the juice out.
  • Otherwise, you can also blend the onion pieces into a paste.
  • Now simply apply the juice on the bald scalp.


This is by far one of the best ways to get hair growth naturally without using any chemical or scientific method. This Hair growth remedy can be applied on a daily basis. Yet, in order to see results, the onion juice should be applied without any gaps and twice a day. This way you are sure to enjoy your healthy and grown hairs, like you had naturally. For better evaluation on how effective this is, researchers have found that the hair growth results were seen after just two weeks of daily two time’s application. So, what you waiting for? Get going now.