Suntan is most ordinarily brought about by exorbitant, and unprotected introduction to the sun. Because of which the skin turns a couple of shades darker. In some cases, the skin may likewise end up red because of the tan, which is the reason it is instructed to appropriately take care regarding the skin when it is in presentation to the sun. Today, we will impart to you how to make a decent suntan mask with the goal that it can evacuate sun tan immediately at home all naturally and effectively. Peruse on beneath to become more acquainted with the means.

Referenced underneath are the means that are required to be pursued:

  • Above all else, take a bowl and include one tablespoon of rice flour into it.
  • Next, include one tablespoon of plain flour into it.
  • Additionally, include one tablespoon of more full’s earth into it.
  • Presently, include around four to five tablespoons of milk into it so it can make a smooth surface of the mask.
  • Apply the mask on the skin and leave it to dry for whatever length of time that it takes.
  • Wash it off with water and pat the skin dry.
  • Apply this cure in any event thrice daily for best outcomes.


Hence, this article contain the effective formula on how to remove the suntan with suntan mask. Offer this formula as much as you can among the general population who can improve this cure and help them deal with their skin a greatly improved, and a more secure way.