A dim red zest utilized for giving sustenance an intriguing taste, smell and shading, saffron is the most cherished flavor on the planet. Saffron is reaped from the blooms of the saffron crocus plant In Southeast Asia, saffron is a mystery marvel fixing and hence, utilized in face masks to achieve bright skin. Here are the advantages of saffron for skin:

  • Lights up skin
  • Recuperates and averts skin break out
  • Hinders untimely maturing
  • Blurs scars
  • Disposes of suntan
  • Relieves skin issues
  • Tones skin

Milk and Saffron Face Mask for Bright Skin

This sumptuous face mask started in South East Asia, where saffron is prevalently utilized in cooking. The mix of milk and saffron is the most prevalent saffron face mask formula for skin lighting up. Hence, The brilliant shade of this milk and saffron face mask will help light up the skin. Here are the advantages of milk for skin:


  • 4 strands of saffron
  • 2 teaspoons of milk


  • Start by warming up/heating up your milk.
  • After that, pour only two teaspoons of the hot milk into a little bowl. Include around 4 strands of saffron. Leave the blend to chill off totally.
  •  When it has chilled off, get a tea strainer and strain the milk into another little bowl. You will have gathered the absorbed saffron strands the tea strainer.
  • Utilizing a spoon, begin pounding up the drenched up saffron strands.
  • By doing this, you will extricate a greater amount of the saffron which will make your milk progressively yellow in shading. At the point when all the saffron is crushed up, your face mask is prepared for application.
  • Utilizing a face mask brush, apply the blend onto your face and neck. After this, Leave this saffron face mask on for around 5 minutes or until it is totally evaporated.
  • After that, Wet a cotton cushion/wipe and begin expelling the mask tenderly until everything falls off. Flush off with lukewarm to cold water and pat dry.

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