Hair Straightening: Should You Relax or Rebond?

On the off chance that you have wavy hair, crimped, or unmanageable hair, you may have picked to have your hair fixed for all time. Straightening hair is progressively normal among ladies today.

There are various techniques for straightening hair for all time, including unwinding or rebonding (likewise called Japanese warm reconditioning).

What Is the Difference Between Hair Relaxing and Hair Rebonding?

Both unwinding and rebonding use synthetic substances to fix hair, however, they have various expenses and final products.

Hair Relaxing For Wavy Hair

This technique utilizes synthetic compounds to rectify the hair by separating and transforming the hair’s parts. Regularly, the treatment does not rectify the hair totally. Or maybe, it diminishes tight or unusual twists. Numerous ladies discover despite everything they have to rectify their hair in the wake of having it loose on the off chance that they need it to be totally straight.


The system is generally shoddy and does not take extremely long to do.


  • The procedure does not take the twist such a distance out of your hair, and you should keep on styling it.
  • The strategy, whenever done inappropriately, can cause scalp disturbance and consuming since it is connected at the scalp level.
  • The surface of the hair subsequent to unwinding can be fragile or coarse.

Hair Rebonding (Also Called Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning)

This technique was created in Japan and has turned out to be prevalent in other Asian nations and networks. Rebonding utilizes somewhat unexpected synthetics in comparison to unwinding just as warmth so as to rectify the hair.


  • The methodology goes on for six or seven months.
  • Treated hair looks extremely delightful with a rich regular surface.


  • The methodology is expensive and tedious. It can cost somewhere in the range of $400 and $950 and take as long as seven hours.
  • You won’t most likely attempt new looks, (for example, twists) in the months following the method since this could harm your recently rectified hair.
  • You ought not attempt this system on the off chance that you’ve just had serious hair medicines, for example, straightening, hair shading, or blanching on the grounds that your hair won’t almost certainly handle the synthetic concoctions.
  • Individuals of African drop ought not utilize this method since it is excessively unforgiving and will be more harming than hair unwinding. The system is ideal to fix massive, free, or medium twists, however not unusual ones.