There is an enormous scope of prepared to-utilize nail art items accessible available nowadays. We don’t have to go to a top of the line salon each time we need to do our nails since we can create similar outcomes all around basically at home. On the off chance that you utilize a decent quality top coat and nail polish for your nail art, you will discover it will keep going a long time.

What is a Water Slide Decal?

A water slide decal is an example or picture, huge or little, which is imprinted on an extraordinary paper. When it is put into water, a layer between the picture and the sponsorship paper disintegrates, enabling the picture or example to slide off, which would then be able to be moved to your nail (or some other surface). Water slide decals are a lot more slender than vinyl decals.

They are a fabulous method to make salon completion nail art inside a couple of minutes. There is a perpetual gathering of them in the market today, from French nail treatment to full nail plan, from blooms to hearts to cartoons, from Christmas to Halloween, from bands to half-moon structures, etc.

The most effective method to Apply Nail Art

  • To start with, apply nail polish for the base of your nail art. There are two kinds of water decals accessible in the market; one can be connected to any base nail polish shading and the other ought to be on a white base shading as it were. I am utilizing those that can be connected to any base.
  • Make yourself a work environment by gathering all that you need in one spot. That incorporates a couple of tweezers, a bowl of water (room temperature) and a sheet of waterslide decals.
  • Evacuate the defensive sheet of the decal sheet.
  • Cut a bit of water slide decal. You don’t have to cut a bloom intently. Simply cut a square bit of the sheet.
  • Put the piece in the water bowl for 5-10 seconds.
  • Take it out with tweezers. Presently, pick the rose decal from the sheet cautiously and set it on your nails.
  • At long last, apply a top coat on your nails for enduring nail art.

Pink-Purple Flower

Pink-Purple Flower

Things required:

  • Nail polishes
  • A sheet of water decals
  • Tweezers
  • A water bowl
  • A couple of scissors
  • Top coaT

Apply two layers of nail polish as required, you can apply similarly I did. At that point apply the water decal on the white base, trailed by a top coat. You nail art is prepared and everybody will love it.

Dark Check Nail Art

Black Full Nail Check Nail Art on pink and yellow nail polish base

Have you at any point attempted to make a check with a striping brush, striping tape or stepping set?

  • For full nail water decals, you need to slice a piece equivalent to or somewhat bigger than the size of your nails.
  • Put the decal in the water bowl.
  • Take it out with tweezers and apply all around cautiously on your nails. On the off chance that it is somewhat enormous, leave the cover for what it’s worth and get dry the water totally from your nails.
  • Presently, apply a top coat and let that dry.
  • With an orange stick or fingernail skin pusher, you can remove the covering part of the decal. Try not to attempt to cut it before the top coat evaporates or it will mess.