Fruits are viewed as the best sustenance for a solid body and psyche. They are wealthy in minerals, nutrients and are effectively absorbable. What’s more, the more advantageous you are, the prettier you look! Yet, do you realize that fruits are for bravo oily skin as well?

Indeed, the truth is out. The natural product extracts are utilized in healthy skin restorative arrangements due to the nutrients present in them. Here we present 4 straightforward custom made natural product face packs for oily skin.

Citrus fruits work best with regards to Oily skin tone. Natural products like orange, strawberry, and lemon can be utilized on oily skin for refreshment and sparkle. These natural products have astringent and conditioning properties which can help you a great deal in your skincare routine. Despite the fact that citrus fruits are exceedingly helpful in skincare, remember you ought to dependably blend them with different fixings when utilizing all over. As these fruits are acidic in nature, they may cause irritation and breakouts.

Natural product Facial for Oily Skin – Best 4 Face Packs

Lemon Fruit Pack:


  • Cut a large portion of a lemon, press the juice and include 2 teaspoons of buttermilk and 2 teaspoons of fullers earth to it.
  • Mix the blend well with a spoon until it turns rich.

Orange Fruit Pack

Orange strips can be dried, powdered and utilized alongside curd or milk as a lighting up natural product cover for oily skin. curd or milk isn’t impulsed!

The citrus acid inevitably expels the dull patches, tan and different flaws to bring out gleaming skin.

Strawberry Pack

Strawberries have anti-maturing properties to keep those scarce differences and age spots at bay. They work extraordinarily on oily skin types as well.

Squash two or three strawberries and pour some weakened lime juice in it. Nothing can be better smelling and invigorating than this.

Banana Face Pack

Banana face pack works extraordinarily for oily skin.


  • Squash and mix 1 banana with a tbsp. of nectar and some squeezed orange (you may likewise utilize lemon juice).
  • Apply this all over and wash with warm water following 15-20 minutes.

Young ladies, are you aware of some other organic product face packs for oily skin or face excellence tips? Remember to share them with us.

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