Bright and Clear skin Cinnamon and Turmeric Mask

We all want to perfect skin. The one without blemishes, no scars, no pimples just clear and clean skin like glass. It should be soft and touch and should have no signs of aging or wrinkles and such. This sort of skin seems highly impossible to achieve and even harder to maintain. However, it is possible to get. Firstly we’ll need to get rid of our acne and other blemishes. Too do this we have the perfect mask for you. This mask will remove all scars, remove blemishes and dark spots and it will give you bright and clear skin in no time

The key ingredients within this mask are cinnamon, honey, turmeric, and yogurt. These things are as such that we don’t realize how important and crucial they are to our skin. They contain tons of benefits The best part about this mask is that it contain no toxins or chemicals. This is because it is made from all natural and organic ingredients. Hence why it never damages or harms your skin but only provides benefits.

To make this mask, you’ll need:

  • yogurt
  • cinnamon
  • turmeric
  • honey

These ingredients listed above can be found stocked in our kitchens and are used frequently for cooking in our daily lives. However, they have a great impact on our skin too. They will ensure bright and clear skin in no time. The yogurt cleanses and exfoliates your face with lactic acid, while also moisturizing it heavily. The cinnamon combats pimples and bacteria to fight them. It reduces scars and blemishes. The turmeric performs that same actions which also provides healing benefits. The honey moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

Making and Applying the mask

To make the mask add all the ingredients into a bowl. Then mix them together thoroughly to create a paste like a mixture. Then apply this onto your face for 15-20 minutes. Later wash it off with cool water and you’ll have bright and clear skin

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