Hair fall had been my adversaries for whatever length of time that I could recall.

Do you think you have great hair?

  • Truly, definitely.
  • Perhaps.
  • Surely not.

The Secret to stop hair fall

So the mystery is hibiscus leaf separates. That is the enchantment arrangement that you have been searching for as long as you can remember. I’ve likewise utilized eggs to condition my hair, however, the eggs were gross, and it was hard to wash off the smell. With the goal that’s the reason, hibiscus leaf concentrates are better. It has no smell.


  • Take new hibiscus leaves and place them in the blender until you get a thick green paste.
  • Blend a liberal measure of hair oil with the paste. I would suggest utilizing hair oil which “claims” to fix hair fall. Your hair oil ought to contain the accompanying three significant fixings: Amla, Brahmi Extracts, Bhringraj.
  • Apply the paste to your hair. Apply it to the scalp, the uncovered spots, the roots, the tips, and when all is said in done, to the whole length of your hair. From that point onward, incredibly, tenderly back rub your scalp.
  • Sit tight for simply enough time till your hair turns out to be firm. It, as a rule, takes an hour and some more.
  • Wash it off with your preferred cleanser. The paste itself resembles a profound conditioner so whether you need to utilize a restrained conditioner subsequent to shampooing is to you. It is imperative to pick your cleanser as per the kind of hair that you have. So pick shrewdly.
  • Also, there you have it. Five exceptionally dreary strides to smoother and more grounded hair.