Hibiscus and Honey Cleanser for Scalp

You can make a paste of hibiscus leaves to apply on your scalp to wash away the dry drops.

Incorporate a teaspoon every one of honey and lemon juice and a little almond, olive, or coconut oil to lighten the dryness of the scalp and diminish chips of dandruff.

Tulsi, Neem, and Henna Leaves for Dry Scalp

Tulsi leaves are known as a remedy for bunches of ailments. On the off chance that you approach these plants, you are exceptionally near a fix.

Take a bunch tulsi leaves, neem leaves, and henna leaves make it a fine paste and press a lemon into it.

After that, Take 250 ml of virgin coconut oil and include this blend.

Presently heat up this blend in a pot until the fluid is gone and the oil is left with leaf particles. This will take the greater part 60 minutes. Set it aside to cool.

After it’s cooled, channel it and store it in a perfect jug. You can utilize this restorative oil for every day dry scalp treatment and counteractive action. This oil can be blended with olive oil in the same extent to get hostile to oxidant characteristics.

Egg and a Pinch of Salt for Dandruff

Adding a spot of salt to your everyday cleanser can likewise diminish chips and dryness of your scalp. (Remember to utilize the conditioner in the wake of doing this.)

Egg white can be connected straightforwardly to your scalp. (Try not to leave it on your hair for over 10 minutes.)

Tea and Beetroot Essence Scalp Lotion

Take one beet, cut it into little pieces, and bubble it alongside one spoon of dried green tea leaves in a single cup of water for 15 minutes. After that, Put it aside to cool and after that squash it to extricate the pith and channel it. After that, This embodiment can be connected on the scalp to decrease the issue of dryness.