Aloe vera is a type of plant that develops in bone-dry atmospheres. It is generally disseminated in Africa, India, and other bone-dry territories. Aloe vera gel is helpful in the treatment of wound and consume mending, minor skin contaminations and so on.

The best aloe vera you can discover is from the crisp leaves. However in the event that doesn’t live in a dry atmosphere, you can purchase it or squeeze online at any health sustenance stores. Ensure you generally purchase natural aloe vera juice with squeeze or gel without any additives. Most makers include conservators and additives as aloe ruins effectively so make certain to peruse the names. You should keep it refrigerated once the jug is open.

Step by step instructions to plan aloe vera gel from new leaves

  • Pick aloe vera leaves that are vast and experienced, yet at the same time delicate and succulent with a lot of dampness and gel inside. Maintain a strategic distance from the little leaves as they won’t contain enough gel.
  • Cut the leave from the base of the plant. Let the yellow sap (called aloin) comes up short on the leaves for a couple of minutes on a towel.
  • After the removal of yellow sap Take a sharp blade and use it to expel the spiky edges from the leaves.
  • The leaves will have spiky edges to shield the plants from creatures that additionally like the sweet gel inside the leaves.
  • When the thistles have been expelled, utilize the paring blade to strip one side of the leaf. In this way you will approach the gel.
  • Utilize a teaspoon to exchange the gel to a cleaned can.
  • Include a couple of drops of grapefruit concentrate to help with safeguarding.
  • Continuously keep the new aloe vera gel inside the refrigerator.


  1. The treatment clips are not opening accordingly but keep bringing others instead of what you have opened eg I wanted more on acne as my skin is nothing to be proud about it’s pathetic it changes like 2 weeks it will be beautiful and later with acne thick dark patches please help

  2. My facial skin is nothing to be proud off it changes oftenly it’s beautiful for 2 weeks and all of sudden acne dark and thick patches appears it looks ugly that I hate to look in the mirror pleases help

  3. Hello Hellen!
    I truly understand your problem as acne is the worst nightmare among skin issues. We have many homemade natural solutions on our website to treat acne. I am sharing the links with you. However, if these home solution does not work, i recommend you to go and see a skin specialist. Sometimes, medications are helpful than natural treatment. But first, do try the natural methods! I wish you the best.

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