Fit and Fresh Skin with Cucumber and Mint Detox Water

As the summer is in full motion, our body too is in full mood to sweat it out. This results in sticky skin and pimples. Also as the humidity is super high these days and we tend to not drink enough water so our body begins to bloat. These things cause all sorts of problems and issues. Sometimes to fix such issues don’t need to focus upon our skin rather we need to focus upon our dietary intake. This is why I have decided to feature a key recipe in the article, which will result in fit and fresh skin as well as body.

The key ingredients in this article that are featured are cucumbers, lemon, and mint. All three of them are key to better skin and target fat loss which helps you achieve better skin. the best part about this detox is that it is free from any excess sugar, and chemicals or toxins that other detox products use and is super easy to make. This will in no way harm your skin or your body and will give you results that will benefit not only your skin but your whole body. It is an excellent drink for the summer time as it will relax your body while working on removing all toxins from within.

To make the detox water you will need:

  • Water
  • Lemon Slices
  • Mint
  • Cucumber Slices

This detox water will give a great taste to your water and will revolutionize the way you drink your water. Also, the fanciness and effort you put into it will help you increase your water intake and will make you drink more water, which ultimately is key to better skin and weight loss. For fit and fresh skin, the cucumber will really help. They are full of water, which means no added sugars which is excellent for your body. Cucumbers help remove the toxins from your body and flush away the waste. The fiber in them also helps your digestive system. The lemon contains vitamin C which clarifies, brightens and rejuvenates your skin. It contains anti-oxidants which help make your skin look younger and healthier. Mint is an excellent ingredient to add to the detox water. It aids weight loss and brings a freshness to the taste of the water.

Making the Detox Water:

To make the detox water, all you need to do is add cucumbers, leon and mint into a pitcher of water. Now it is up to you on what temperature you want to take your water. I prefer it cold so I like to have chilled water. Then you leave this water into the fridge over night or you can leave it outside if you want warm water, for the fruits to infuse their goodness within the water Later drink this water throughout the day and replace it with your normal water. It will give you fit and fresh skin and body, also improving your overall health greatly.

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