Healthy and Glowing Skin with Turmeric and Honey Scrub

Have you heard of someone ever saying you should scrub your skin Doesn’t it sound incredibly weird? Well, in truth scrubbing your skin or for better use of vocabulary exfoliating your skin is essential in the process of better and healthier skin To get the healthy and glowing skin you need to regularly remove dirt particles, dead skin cells and other minute particles from your skin. This results in your skin breathing and your pores being clean. Which in turn gives you healthy and glowing skin with no blemishes.

This mask contains various ingredients like brown sugar, honey, and turmeric, which will not only exfoliate your skin rather they will also moisturize and condition it for healthy and glowing skin. The best part about this scrub is that it is made from all natural and organic ingredients that not only cleanse your skin but as they do not contain any chemicals or toxins they do not harm your skin in any way either. this scrub will give you healthy and glowing skin in no time and you’ll be very pleased with the results.

To make this mask you will need:

To make this mask you will need:

  • Brown sugar
  • Turmeric
  • Honey

These three ingredients may look like basic and everyday use ingredients but do not underestimate their power. They contain properties that will transform and rejuvenate your skin into it’s best version. The brown sugar is fine and soft so it exfoliates your skin properly and removes all dirt particles, minute particles, and dead skin cells. This gives way to new skin which results in better complexion and better skin. The turmeric helps kill all bacteria and also fades away all scars and blemishes from your skin. While the honey helps kill bacteria it also conditions and moisturizes your skin helping it be soft and supple. These ingredients will combine their positives to give you healthy and glowing skin in no time.

Making the scrub:

To make the scrub all you need to do is combine these ingredients. Firstly, add the brown sugar, turmeric, and honey into a bowl. Then mix it all together to make a coarse paste. This means your scrub is now ready. To apply this scrub, use your fingers making sure they are clean. Then scrub it onto your face for 5 minutes in a circular motion as this increases blood circulation which leads to better skin. Then rinse it off with cool water and moisturize your skin. You will now have healthy and glowing skin.

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