Long and Shiny Hair with Rice Water Wash

When we boil rice, we need to let them soak for a bit. This helps get the starch out of the rice and let’s any impurity float up into the water. Then we tend to discard the water. However, that should not be the case. This water contains essential nourishment and goodness for your hair that will give you long and shiny hair in no time. The key ingreint in totoday’s artcile is rice water as this will help you get longer and thicker hair. The best part abouot the recipe is that it cntains no chemicals or tixins that may in any way hamr your hair or scalp. It is made from all natural and organic ingredients that will only nourish your scal and not damage it.

To make the Rice water wash you’ll need:

  • Rice
  • Water

All you need to do to make this wash, is just take a handful of rice and remove any impurities. Then let them soak in water for 30 minutes. After doing so remove the rice from the water and your rice water in reday. Transfer it to a spray bottle and spray your roots to tip. Do not forget your scalp. Or you should spray it after shampooing your hair.

Nourishment of Ingredients

The key ingredient which is rice water contains many benefits. The best benefit is that it acts a catalyst for hair growth. It grows your hair thoroughly and makes it thick and strong. You will get long and shiny hair in no time. Rice wateralso gives your hair more volume and increases the thickness of your hair. It acts as a conditioner for your hair and gives it shine. The water is known to increase hair elasticity which makes your hair stronger and longer. It also damages damaged hair.

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