Soft and Long Hair with Yogurt and Egg Hair Mask

With how often we tend to change our hair color and change our hair style, our hair needs deep conditioning and some love. For that, we usually presume we need to go to a salon and waste more money and time. This will not be the case anymore. We have come to you with a brilliant recipe that will give your hair it’s natural shine, change its texture from rough to smooth and give you soft and long hair in no time. t will strengthen your hair and often it too. It really is the perfect package in one. This mask is a deep conditioning mask hat gives your hair the love it needs

The key ingredients featured within this mask are yogurt and egg. Both of which will deeply condition your hair, they will soften it and strengthen it giving you soft and long hair in no time. The best part about this mask is that it is made from all natural and organic ingredients that will in no way harm your scalp or your hair. It will only help you get soft and long hair

To make the mask you will need:

  • egg
  • yogurt
  • honey
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice

These ingredients are very easy to find and even simpler to use. They can be found in any of our pantries and kitchens. If not then you can easily find them at a local shop. The egg within this mask will help repair your hair and revitalizes your hair. It also conditions your hair making it softer and smoother. The yogurt in this will cleanse your hair with its lactic acid and clean your scalp. It will also condition and your hair will become softer and smoother. The honey will also nourish and kill and bacteria from your hair and scalp. The olive oil will strengthen your hair follicles giving your stinger and longer hair. While lemon juice also cleanses and cleans your scalp.

Making and Applying the Mask:

To make the mask, all you need to do is combine these ingredients within a bowl. Then mix them all together to get a thick paste-like consistency. Apply this onto your hair from root to tip. Make sure to cover the scalp too. Then remove it with cool water and you will have soft and long hair in no time.

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