Soft and Supple Lips with Beetroot and Olive Oil Scrub

Sometimes after a long day we forget to drink the right amount of water, or we’ll forget to drink the proper amount during the day. Drinking water not only revitalizes your skin but also your lips. Soft and supple lips are every girl’s dream. But how do you get soft and supple lips when everything in the world seems to be against you? well the answer is simple. Through a beetroot lips scrub. This will give you pink and healthy lips while also maintaining their suppleness and softness.

The key ingredients used in this mask are sugar, honey and beetroot juice. These will enhance the color of your lips, they will bring out plumpier ips and give you the lips you dreamt of. The best part about this mask is that it is made from all natural and organic ingredients that contain no toxins or chemicals that can in any way harm your skin or damage it. Rather it will give you soft and supple lips which is what you desire isn’t it?

To make the mask you will need:

  • beetroot juice
  • sugar
  • olive oil
  • honey

The ingredients mentioned above are easy to use and simple to find. They can be found in most of our pantries and kitchens. But if not then you can easily find them in your local grocery stores. The beetroot juice enhances the color of your lips and tends to give your lips a healthy pink glow. It also brings blood flow to your lips. The sugar exfoliates the dead skin cells and removes all dirt and other particles to give you fresh skin underneath. It also brings blood flow to your lips which helps in plumping your lips. The olive oil nourishes your lips and repairs any damage to them, while the honey does the same.

Making and Applying the Mask:

To make the mask all you need to do is add these ingredients into a bow together. Then mix them thoroughly until all the sugar is stained with the beetroot juice. Later, apply this onto your lips. Rub in a circular motion to ensure blood flow for 5 minutes. Later wash it off with cool water and you will have soft and supple lips in no time.

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