White and Pearly Teeth with Bi-Carbonate Soda

If we taek care of our skin and hair but neglect the care for our teeth then we are making a grave mistake. People that do not take care of their oral health usually suffer from bad smell, plaque, cavaties and more. Also now the foods that we eat such as sugary drinks, candies and other also lead ti a decrese in our orls health. Also because of the environemnetal exporsure our teeth has, it become weak and brittle. In this article howver, we have decided to focus upon a special ingreints that helps remove plaque, it reduces bad breath and prevents cavaties. This ingredient is called bi-carbonate soda or baking soda. We will give you a teeth application in this article and all you’ll need to do is rub it to your teeth for white and pearly teeth. The best part about this is that it is made from all organic and natural ingreints meaning it contains no toxins or chemicals that can hurt your teeth.

To make the mixture you’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Water

The baking soda hold many values for our teeth. Firstly, it whtens and brightens your teeth.It gets rid of the yellowish appearance and replaces it with white and bright teeth Then itgets rid of problems in your mouth suchas plaque. This builds up due to food iintake and is the residue fof the food left behind. It cleans this up and leaves behind clean teeth. The baking soda also reduces bad breth leaving you with fresh breath.

Making the mixture:


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